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Introducing the Nucor ClearBay® Roof Joist System

NBG is proud to introduce the Nucor ClearBay Roof Joist System. This new product is a unique integration of Vulcraft joist with a NBG roof system. The new fully-bolted option significantly reduces bridging on a joist roof and requires no on-site welding. This results in faster, easier construction... leading to significantly lower in-place construction cost. The Nucor ClearBay Roof Joist System is available exclusively to customers of Nucor Buildings Group, and is manufactured in America. Learn More.

Who We Are
Nucor produces metal buildings and components throughout the U.S. In August 2007, Nucor completed the acquisition of Magnatrax Corporation ("Magnatrax") via the merger of Magnatrax with a wholly owned subsidiary of Nucor. Prior to 2007, Nucor had a single brand, Nucor Building Systems which consists of four facilities in Indiana, South Carolina, Texas, and the newest plant in Utah. Magnatrax had seven fabricating plants throughout the United States. Although Nucor has retired the Magnatrax name, we retained the four metal buildings brand names of American Buildings, Kirby Building Systems, Gulf States Manufacturers, and CBC Steel Buildings. Nucor Buildings Group consists of the five brands.


What We Do
Nucor Buildings Group has 11 metal buildings plants with an approximate annual capacity of 480,000 tons. The size of the buildings that can be produced ranges from less than 1,000 square feet to more than 1,000,000 square feet. Complete metal building packages can be customized and combined with other materials such as glass, wood, and masonry to produce a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing building designed for customers' special requirements. The buildings are sold primarily through an independent builder distribution network in order to provide fast-track, customized solutions for building owners.

The primary markets for Nucor Buildings Group are commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, including distribution centers, automobile dealerships, retail centers, schools, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The Buildings Group obtains a significant portion of its steel requirements from the Nucor bar and sheet mills.

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